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Right Financial Advisor is a solid source for a second opinion.  All of our matched advisors abide by the highest ethical standards and includes full disclosure and transparency.



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We make it easy for you to stop the procrastination and start the process of getting your financial house in order.  We can help you find that professional who can put it all together for you.



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Couples don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to making the
most important financial decisions. Most couples don’t even know
that these differences in opinion exist until they sit down with
a financial professional for an in depth discussion.

For this reason, we created a risk analysis tool for couples to
fill out separately. Our analysis allows couples to see not
only how much financial risk each spouse is willing to take, but
also determines where the major sources of divergence between you
and your spouse occur.

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Couples Don't Always See Eye To Eye
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We are a leading source for connecting investors and their families to local trustworthy financial professionals suited to fit their needs.

Unlike many other web-based advisor-finding solutions, who match investors and advisors based solely on zip codes or asset minimums, Right Financial Advisor understands the broad spectrum of client needs and personalities and how this impacts their choice of advisors.

Fill out your profile today and find your right financial advisor.  We can connect you with an experienced financial advisor that you can trust.

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The Right Financial Advisor can make all the difference

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  • At the moment, only about 13% of all Americans are 65 years of age or older. By 2030, that number will soar to 18%. 18%
  • American workers that have less than $10,000 saved for retirement 46%
  • American workers who expect to have to work even though they are “retired.” 74%
  • Increase in tuition for private colleges between 2000 and 2010 49%

“While credentials and experience are very important, you also want to work with someone you like, trust and can understand. You also want someone who is accessible and ideally has other co-workers that can assist you when he or she is unavailable.”Donna Fuscaldo | Fox Business


“Just take your time and put in some effort up front. If you find a good match, it can be one of the best professional relationships you will ever have.”Dan Moisand | Market Watch


“Like finding the perfect mate, finding the right financial adviser can be tricky, especially if you lack experience.   But for those who have vowed to get a better handle on their finances, there might be another type of intimate relationship worth starting in 2011—one with a financial adviser.”Jaime Levy Pessin | The Wall Street Journal


“What matters is how well you click with your prospective advisor, how well he or she understands your situation and how skilled he or she is in the areas that you need expertise.”Nanci Hellmich | USA Today

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