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Who We Are

We are a leading source for matching investors and their families to trustworthy financial professionals suited to fit your needs. Unlike many other web-based advisor-finding solutions, who match investors and advisors based solely on zip codes or asset minimums, we understand how your needs and personality will impact your choice of advisors. That is why we created a set of over 40 individualized questions designed to find advisors who meet not only your specific financial needs but also your financial personality as well.

Our patent pending system creates unique investor and advisor profiles thus facilitating introductions that may result in more constructive and long standing partnerships. When the relationship of investor and advisor is created with these ideals in mind, we hope to promote a level of trust and confidence that will bring a meaningful difference to your successful financial planning.



How It Works

Right Financial Advisor uses a scientific matching algorithm to match you and your family to a qualified vetted financial professional.  When you sign up you will be asked to fill out a profile comprised of financial and personality questions.

After filling out your profile you will be immediately matched to the top two advisors that our matching algorithm selects.  You will then have the choice to request an introduction to one or both of the advisors.

Next, the advisor you have selected will email you a set of available appointment times so that you can set up your first phone conversation.  Finally, after speaking to your right advisor you may choose to meet with the advisor.  There is no obligation to meet with either of the advisor that you were matched with.

Why We Were Founded

Right Financial Advisor was founded by experienced members of the financial services industry and marketing professionals.  As a company we recognized the need for comprehensive financial planning for all families regardless of their age or incomes.

We were founded in order to connect investors and their families to someone that they like, trust, and respect.  Our mission is to help facilitate better relationships between investors and advisors that can last through many market cycles.

From a financial advisor’s perspective our value proposition was that not all client referrals will fit their practice, style and personality and that their skills and methods of managing money are not necessarily the best fit for all investors. It was this precept that is the foundation of creating Right Financial Advisor.


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