Advisor Chat

Meet a financial advisor online through video chatting

What is Advisor Chat?


Advisor Chat is an innovative new way to meet a financial advisor for the very first time.  It is a video chatting feature that allows investors to see and speak with an advisor.

It is compatible on multiple camera equipped devices including:  desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  This unique tool allows you to interview and get to know a potential advisor prior to meeting in person.

Advisor Chat functions similar to other video chatting/ conferencing tools like Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc.  You can view and share presentations, PDFs, statements, and other documents.

Why Should I Use Advisor Chat?

Trust But Verify

Trust But Verify

Advisor Chat ensures investors that the advisor they were matched to is really the right match.  It gives you the opportunity to meet an advisor from the comfort of your own home.

We take many precautions to assure you that your advisor is a good match.  This includes:  perfecting our algorithm, vetting advisors, and providing you with several advisors to choose from.

However, interviewing a potential advisor yourself is the best way to verify that the advisor you were matched to is the right advisor for you.

Eliminating Stress

Eliminating Stress

Meeting new people can be a stressful endeavor especially when the person is responsible for helping you secure your financial future.

Our team developed Advisor Chat in order to help ease some of the tension when meeting an advisor for the very first time. Meeting someone through video chatting tends to be less stressful then meeting someone face to face.

Advisor Chat allows you to get to know your potential advisor and form a solid relationship prior to meeting face to face.

Meeting People Online

Meeting People Online

People rely on the internet more than ever to meet new people.  The internet has become a trusted source for dating, finding a contractor, and discovering restaurant reviews.

If you are willing to trust your dating life to a matching algorithm like or than why not use a matching algorithm to meet the right advisor?

Video chatting with an advisor online is now possible thanks to Advisor Chat.

No Obligations

No Obligations

Advisor Chat is just one of the many ways that we show investors that we stand by our promise that there is no obligation to sign up with a financial advisor who they were matched to.

We allow you to schedule an Advisor Chat with any/ all of the 4 advisors that you were matched to.  There is no obligation to hire any advisor that you feel uncomfortable with.

Advisor Chat allows you to start a conversation with an advisor who understands you.

Advisor Chat Technology
Advisor Chat Process

How Do I Get Matched to My Right Financial Advisor?


Getting matched to your right financial advisor is easy and free.

We use a scientific computer algorithm that matches you to your right financial advisor based on how you answer our questionnaire.  The questionnaire is comprised of investing and personality based questions.  These questions allow us to develop your investing profile.  We use your investing profile to match you to an advisor that is experienced in your area of financial need.

The personality based questions allow us to take the matchmaking process a step forward and match you to an advisor with a similar personality.  We match you to an advisor that may have similar interests and hobbies.  We feel that matching investors to advisors with similar personalities allows for greater trust.  This helps to create a more sustainable match that can last through many market cycles.

Advisor Chat Process

Getting Matched

  1. Go to
  2. Click on orange “Find Your Right Advisor” button
  3. Fill out basic contact information
  4. Complete comprehensive financial profile (Note: You do not have to answer every question.  However, it is encouraged in order to get the strongest potential match.)
  5. Upon clicking the “Submit” button you will be connected to your top 4 matches.
  6. You may choose to connect with any/ all of the 4 advisors that you were matched with. (Note: You can choose how you wish to speak with the advisor(s) you were matched to through Advisor Chat, a phone call, or email.)


Using Advisor Chat

  1. Choose an advisor you wish to speak with and schedule an appointment to Advisor Chat with your right advisor
  2. Your right advisor will be notified of the pending appointment and confirms the best time to meet
  3. After your advisor confirms the  appointment our application will create an Advisor Chat for that date and time
  4. On the day of the Advisor Chat both you and your advisor will be notified by email of the time of your appointment
  5. To join the appointment you can either login to or access through your email
  6. When the Advisor Chat begins both you and your advisor will be able to communicate with one another via webcam and microphone or telephone
  7. Advisors are able to screen share presentations, PDFs, and other documents with you.


After Using Advisor Chat

  1. Ask your advisor to email you any information discussed during the Advisor Chat (presentations, PDFs, etc.)
  2. Decide whether or not they are the right advisor for you and if you wish to see or speak to him/ her again.
  3. Schedule a meeting to meet with your right financial advisor in person.

Advisor Chat Devices


Advisor Chat Technical Specs


Advisor Chat contains numerous features to help guide and improve communication between investors and advisors.  Some of the features of Advisor Chat include:

  • High definition video and voice
  • Screen sharing/ document presentation
  • Ability to annotate documents via virtual whiteboard
  • Multiple viewing modes
  • Can be accessed from any device with a webcam or camera (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Accessible to multiple users
  • Meetings can be launched from web browser with minimal software installation
  • All meetings are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, AES 128 bit encryption.


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