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Product Description

Our  system creates unique investor and advisor profiles thus facilitating introductions that may result in more constructive and long standing partnerships. When the relationship of investor and advisor is created with these ideas in mind, we hope to promote a level of trust and confidence that have a meaningful difference on the level of successful financial planning.

7 biggest mistakes when choosing a financial advisor

  • Using the yellow pages or a simple internet site that only matches your zip code to a local advisor.
  • Not verifying the individual through federal and state regulatory agencies.
  • Failure to choose an advisor who acts as a fiduciary .
  • Failing to properly determine  a risk profile and creating a matching program.
  • Choosing strictly by location or how fancy the office looks.
  • Not engaging with a professional that can “put it all together”.
  • Choosing strictly on lowest cost by utilizing a computer generated portfolio.


7 ways to know you have the right financial advisor

  • My advisor  helps reduce my tax liability.
  • My advisor never makes me feel like I’m bothering them.
  • My advisor explains the recommended  investment program in a way I can describe it to my family.
  • My advisor cares enough to say when they think I’m making a bad financial move.
  • My advisor uses software programs that make me feel comfortable about my retirement prospects.
  • My advisor addresses all my insurance needs and I feel comfortable that my family is protected.
  • My advisor keeps me in the loop with quarterly reports and frequent communications.

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Why We Do What We Do

By matching your core financial needs and unique investment personality with qualified vetted professionals we help you find the right financial advisor that will talk to you not through you.


No Unwanted Calls

We will only give your information to advisors you request to speak to. We won’t  share your information without  your permission. We may periodically email you to verify your satisfaction.


Valuable Resource

Right Financial Advisor is a solid source for a second opinion.  All of our matched advisors are required to abide by the highest ethical standards and includes full disclosure and transparency.


Eliminate your Financial Inertia

We make it easy for you to stop the procrastination and start the process of getting your financial house in order.  We can help you find that professional who can put it all together for you.