How it Works

The matching process

How to Get Matched to Your Right Financial Advisor


Right Financial Advisor uses a scientific matching algorithm to match you and your family to a qualified vetted financial professional.

When you sign up you will be asked to fill out a profile comprised of financial and personality questions. (Note:  the financial questions are general questions to access your financial planning needs, investing habits, and financial knowledge)

After filling out your profile you will be immediately matched to the top two advisors that our matching algorithm selects.  You will be shown the advisor’s name, picture, and description of their services.  Also, you will see some of their compatible interests that led you both to be matched together.

You will then have the choice to request an introduction to one or both of the advisors.  Your right financial advisor may contact you be email or phone in order to start your first conversation.

Advisor Chat


Additionally, we have recently added a video chat feature to our website. After being matched to your right advisor you can choose to schedule a video chat with him or her. This will allow you to see and speak to your advisor.

Using our Advisor Chat feature is a great new way to meet an advisor before meeting in person.  This new feature allows you to meet an advisor from the comfort of your home.

The advisor will also be able to share content with you through screen sharing.  Advisor Chat is just one of the many ways that we help you connect with the right advisor.

Hiring an Advisor


After speaking to your right financial advisor for the first time you can choose to speak to them again, or meet in person.  There is no obligation to meet with or hire either of the advisors that you have been matched to.

When meeting your advisor for the first time you should have questions preplanned regarding your investing needs.  If you need help on some questions to ask your potential advisor visit our blog.

Also, be sure that you connect with your advisor on a personal level.  We do our best to match you to an advisor that has similar interests, but you should also do your due diligence and make sure that this person is someone that you feel comfortable with.

Remember, the right financial advisor is someone who understands you.  They should be someone who you can trust, and will act in your best interests.

Although we do a thorough job at vetting the advisors that join our platform we suggest that you do a background check on them as well.  You can check an advisor’s record by using FINRA BrokerCheck, or