How We Help You

The smart way to find the right advisor

Finding the Right Financial Professional


Our top priority at Right Financial Advisor is finding you the right financial professional.  We understand that you have a unique set of investing needs and financial goals.  We hope to match you with the right professional that can help you reach your goals and feel a sense of fulfillment.

The financial professionals on our platform come from a variety of backgrounds.  Our professionals have varying degrees of experience, education, designations, etc.  The financial professional that you are matched to is directly related to how you fill out your investing profile.

The financial professionals on our platform cover a broad range of financial solutions including:  retirement planning, college planning, business succession planning, estate planning, general family financial planning, portfolio construction, and credit & debt strategies.

If you have any questions on the title or designation(s) of the financial professional you were matched to please check our FAQ and Blog.

Investing in the Right Relationship First


By aligning personality attributes with financial needs we are able to facilitate a better match between individuals and advisors.  Our focus on creating a better match ensures investors that they choose their right financial advisor.

Investing in the right relationship is the key to a happy and sustainable relationship that can last through many market cycles.  Investors that take the time to invest in the right relationship with their financial advisor are often more likely to trust their advisor.  Trust in the investment advice along with the person is essential to long term success in one’s financial goals.

What Makes Us Unique?


Unlike other advisor-finding solutions we understand that investors have a broad spectrum of needs.  We don’t treat you like just a name and a number.  That is why we ask a large variety of questions that helps us to better understand you.  Investors that create a profile can choose to answer the 20 question minimum in order to get matched, or they can choose to answer all 40 questions and get a highly refined match.

Additionally, we understand how personality affects the ability to connect with an advisor.  Being able to connect with an advisor is necessary in order to build trust.  Our matchmaking process takes into account an investors personality and an advisors personality.