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Value Proposition


At Right Financial Advisor we pride ourselves on helping to create successful and sustainable relationships, between investors and financial professionals.  This is why we match investors not only to financial professionals with core competencies in their area of need, but also to financial professionals that share similar personality attributes.

By aligning personality attributes with financial needs we are able to facilitate a better match between individuals and advisors.  Our focus on creating a better match ensures investors that they choose their right financial advisor.

Why Use Right Financial Advisor


Choosing the right financial advisor could be a daunting task. Minimally, you need to research credentials, check references, verify their track record, conduct interviews and then, most importantly make sure they work with people within your unique circumstance. But even then, how do you know it’s the right relationship?

Often, individuals rely on simple search methods such as personal recommendations, Google searches, advertisements, or other website recommendations/ratings. None of these methods are ideal. A professional who is recommended by a friend may be suitable for them.  But will they know how to help in your unique circumstance?  And website recommendations can be far less effective because their ability to provide detailed information about individual advisor’s background and knowledge is severely limited.Washington D.C.

Sadly, many people have become unsatisfied with their advisors and opted to use the cookie cutter approach of Robo-Advisors to plan their future. And we all know what happens when you follow the crowd. It’s no wonder more people spend more time planning their vacation than planning their financial future.

At Right Financial Advisor, we seek to ease your search by using a sophisticated matching algorithm that will help you find the right financial professional. We use over 20 different variables including net worth, investment style, financial expertise in your profession, family circumstances and common hobbies. Best of all, our advisors have been vetted by our trained staff of professionals and in some circumstances the advisors have been tested of their knowledge to make sure they are suitable for you.

So whether you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, a family with a disabled child, or a CEO with generous executive benefits pack, you’ll know you are getting someone who understands you as a person. Our research has shown that if you are working with someone who has many common bonds with you, you are most likely to form a relationship that goes beyond just handing over you hard earned money.

After completing our questionnaire, Right Financial Advisor will show you personal and professional information about each of the advisors matched to your needs. You can view the advisor’s picture, services, years of experience, educational background, professional qualifications, mission statement, credentials, etc.

Best of all, it is free and there are no obligations to investors — it simply puts you in contact with advisors who help you reach your financial goals.