Right Financial Advisor Privacy Policy

Last Revised: 4/15/2014

At Right Financial Advisor, your privacy is paramount to us and we take our responsibility quite seriously. The privacy policy for Right Financial Advisor governs the terms and conditions by which the public as well as our strategic partners utilize our services through our website. By agreeing to the terms, you acknowledge having reviewed our privacy policy as it relates to our matching service between individual investors looking to be matched with investment advisors and or advisors looking to be matched with individual investors. Right Financial Advisor, hereby referred to as “the company” will supply limited information based on answers you provide to each party respectively. We will not sell nor distribute your personal information supplied to us to any other company or entity without your permission, except when compelled  by a governmental entity with proper authority in accordance with federal and state laws.

The privacy policy is subject to change and you acknowledge that the company reserves the right to amend such policy in the future. Therefore we encourage you to periodically review our policy statement. The policy describes the information collection, use and dissemination practices of the company, its parent, subsidiaries and registered d/b/a companies and all related websites owned or operated and registered to the company.

Each time you provide the company information via our website, the company may obtain and store any personal information you provide us. This includes but is not limited to names, email addresses as well as profiles you detailed in the questionnaires you personally filled out. The company will periodically reach out to you through email  to gauge your level of satisfaction with the program as well as for any feedback that may help improve the investor/advisor experience. Additionally, information will be stored for payment processing which would include names, addresses, credit card information.  We will collect your personal information as you supplied solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and requested by you for compatible matches. The information will be stored for only as long as necessary for those purposes. We will protect your personal information by all reasonable methods and safeguards against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. We have built security into each level of the programs to best of our abilities using the most recent security measures to date.

We do not collect social security numbers, bank account numbers or account numbers at any institutions financial or otherwise. If and when you decide to do business with any advisors that are matched to you after you have been given a number of potential advisors to choose from, any specific account information you share with those advisors will not be available to Right Financial Advisors Inc.. Accordingly we assume no responsibility nor will we have access to any of that information.


Privacy policy as it relates to the information supplied by you in the algorithm:

The company will share the information you provide to us through the algorithm only with those advisors you have selected/matched at the time you completed the survey and have requested an introduction to. This is to ensure the advisor can determine that you are a good match for their practice. We do guarantee that an advisor you match to will agree to do business with you. Should they decline for some reason; the company will offer you the next choice of an advisor you are matched to. If for some reason you receive 4 introductions without an offer to do business with an advisor on our platform, Right Financial Advisor Inc will refund you fee promptly by crediting the credit card number you used and is on file within 60 days of receiving your request for a refund.


Cookies, Web Beacons and other information collected using existing or future technology:

We currently use cookie technology to associate certain internet-related information about you in our databases. Technology similar to Goggle Analytics allows us to determine how many pages were viewed and the length of time visitors remained on any particular page. We collect this information to better serve our customers and enhance the client experience both now and in the future. IP addresses: The company tracks certain information based on each visitors unique viewing habits and to do internal research into the demographics, interests and behaviors of our visitors and customers. This information may include the URL that you just visited, (whether this URL is on our website or not), which URL you may visit next, your computer browser info and your IP address which is given to you by your internet service provider. While your IP address does not identify you by name, it maybe used to locate you or divulge which part of the country you are in when accessing our company’s website. Newer technologies are emerging each year to analyze traffic on websites and we do intend to maintain a competitive edge in the identification of patterns to better serve our clients and shareholders.

When a client agrees to sign up for our unique services and pay by credit card or PayPal, the company will use the credit card information for processing the fee to access the algorithm. The credit card information will only  be disclosed to third parties as required to complete the purchase requested.


Privacy of Minors:

We as a company will only allow users over the age of 18 unless required by state law to be 21. We will not keep any information nor process information nor share any information on any individual visiting our website if we determine they are under the legal age of the state they reside in.


Email and Unsubscribe Policy:

The company may from time to time email individuals who have visited or signed up for our services. The company may maintain a separate email list for different purposes. If an email subscriber wishes to opt out of future emails, all they need do is click the link to unsubscribe and follow the instructions and the email address will be deactivated within  a one month time frame.

If you have any questions regarding our company’s Privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at (631) 416-8000