Right Financial Advisor Terms of Use Agreement


Last revised January 20, 2014.

Welcome to Rightfinancialadvisor.com. This is matching service uses a proprietary algorithm to match individual investors to seasoned financial professionals who have been vetted through multiple federal and state regulatory agencies. The matching process starts with core needs and core competencies of the advisors within a prescribed area such as within a 25 mile radius of the investor. The computer program further refines the matching process through the use of personal questions designed to increase the likelihood of matching individuals who share common passions and or experiences that may lead to a better relationship between the investor and the advisor.

By accepting the terms of this agreement you acknowledge having read all of the terms and conditions and hereby agreed to all of these terms. This agreement may be modified from time to time at the sole discretion of the company. There can be no assurances that a match will result in a successful business relationship being established. If the investor only answers the required minimum number of questions then it is understood that only core needs will be matched to local advisors who are licensed in the specific financial fields. Right Financial Advisor Inc hereby referred to as “the company” will make every reasonable attempt to match each investor who abides by the terms and conditions set forth below with a financial professional who has been vetted prior to their acceptance on the platform. The vetting process occurs when the advisor signs a contract with the company to be listed. Right Financial Advisor Inc will periodically conduct random checks of advisors in our database to continue the vetting process however, once a match is suggested by our computer program, that advisor’s profile will contain a link to finra.org’s broker check verification system. It is the responsibility of the investor who wishes to do business with one of the matched advisors to do their own due diligence with the links provided. By agreeing to the terms of use the client/investor or user of Right Financial Advisor’s program agrees that they are aware of this feature and intend to use it before conducting any business activity with a matched advisor.

The company retains the right to refuse a match if it believes the information being supplied is fraudulent or misleading in any way.

Registration Information:

As a condition for access to our program, you agree to provide true and accurate and current and complete information to Right Financial Advisor Inc.  You must be at least age 18 unless state laws require you to be age 21. You have access to our company’s privacy policy and you acknowledge that you are aware of said policy being available.

Signing up for service:

Upon signing up for Rightfiancialadvisor.com’s program, you will have access to our patent pending algorithm. We have designed the program to be extremely client friendly and easy to access. Should you require assistance, you may contact us at (631) 416-8000 with help to any of your questions. Should a match not result in a successful initiation of services with a qualified financial professional, Right Financial Advisor Inc. will attempt to match you with other qualified professionals.  If a match cannot be made then your profile may be saved on the platform to be reviewed at a later date or deleted completely.

Right Financial Advisor Inc. will assign you a user ID and password upon completion of your profile for access to our service. This ID and password is exclusive to you. It may only be used by you and your spouse. You are solely responsible for maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of both your username and password.

Limited License to Website:

By agreeing to these terms and conditions of this agreement, Right Financial Advisor Inc. grants you limited license to access and use the matching program for financial advisors. Should you select an advisor to work with and engage in a business relationship, you agree it is your own personal decision to do so and acknowledge and agree that you will not access, reproduce, copy, duplicate, resell or otherwise exploit for any commercial, educational purposes other than for your own personal financial use that you have paid a subscription for and which you are entitled to under the state laws you reside in.

Limited due diligence/vetting of financial professionals:

Right Financial Advisor Inc will utilize as many federal and state agencies as well as company’s such as Lexus Nexus in our quest to properly vet each advisor applying to be on the company’s program. The company cannot guarantee and does not warrant the accuracy, integrity the quality or the honesty of any advisors that are matched. Any suggestion that the company will guarantee results should you choose any of the matched advisors is false and does not apply to our terms of the agreement.

Warranty Disclaimer:

By acknowledging and agreeing to the terms of this agreement, you are agreeing to hold harmless the company and it’s affiliates and any other third party partners. You further agree that neither the company nor it’s affiliates or strategic partners are responsible for and shall not have liability, directly or indirectly for any losses or damages as a result of you doing business with one of the advisors you are introduced to through the matching algorithm. This program is intended to be a starting point for you to find a financial advisor to work with. If you have any concerns about the integrity or genuineness of any individuals you are introduced to we encourage you to contact FINRA at finra.org, the SEC at sec.gov, your state insurance commissioner’s office. As always, should an individual offer you something that sounds too good to be true, do not rush into anything quickly. All of our advisors listed on our platform have signed a code of conduct. If you feel pressured into making a commitment, please feel free to contact us and we will get you a introduction to another advisor. We will attempt to introduce you to as many as four advisors.  Should you not feel comfortable with any of them, the company may remove you from the platform.