Times They Are a Changin’- Harley Davidson Reveals It’s First Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson has revealed it’s first electric motorcylce.  The motorcycle, which has been named, “LiveWire has made a huge buzz.  Harley Davidson is known for making classic looking motorcylces with powerful engines and loud exhausts.  The LiveWire has been criticized as a departure from the classic Harley Davidson design.  However, as Bob Dylan once sang, “Times They Are a Changin” and Harley Davidson is looking to adapt to a new customer base.



Certain things have become synonymous with American culture:  freedom, apple pie, and Harley Davidson.  This iconic American brand has long secured its place in American culture.  Buying your first Harley Davidson has become a rite of passage.  The brand is a symbol for freedom and rebelliousness.  However, as the great Bob Dylan once sang, “Times They Are a Changin’”.  Harley Davidson recently revealed its plans to build an electric motorcycle.


harley                        livewire

(Photos:  Harley-Davidson Official Website)


Specs and Features


Harley Davidson has not released the full specs on the LIveWire yet.  Here are a few specs that we were able to uncover.

  • 75 horsepower
  • 0-60 in under 4 seconds
  • Top speed of 92 mph
  • Range of about 100 miles
  • Charge time of 3 hours
  • LED headlamps and turn signals

Target Market


Harley Davidson’s first electric motorcycle the LiveWire is going after young urban riders.  Harley Davidson is hoping to expand its market share to appeal to younger riders who primarily will use the bike to travel in the city.  The LiveWire is a smaller bike compared to traditional Harley Davidsons, which will make it ideal for Europe and China.


City Riders


The LiveWire appears to be built with city driving in mind.  The bike features large tires capable of handling NYC potholes.  The large tires and short wheel base also allow the bike to hop curbs if necessary.


The Sound


When thinking about Harley Davidson motorcycles the first thing on everybody’s mind is that loud rumbling sound of the V-twin engine.  The Harley Davidson is essentially branded by the loud roar of its motorcycles, which demands respect from everyone within earshot.  However, the sound of the LiveWire shares no commonality with the traditional Harley Davidson sound.  The LiveWire features a unique high pitched jet fighter like sound.




Harley Davidson has stated that it would wait to hear what the public has to say about the LiveWire before putting it into full production.  Only time will tell if America will embrace Harley Davidson’s attempt at an e-bike.  Times They Are a Changin’, but is America ready for this change?

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Right Financial Advisor’s Nick Bredow, contributed this report


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