Let us match you to the right advisor

Who We Are


Short Answer

Right Financial Advisor is a matchmaking service that matches investors to financial professionals.
Investors create a profile based upon their investing needs. As well, investors have the option to answer some personality questions in order to help refine the match.

Long Answer

Right Financial Advisor is a leading source for matching individual investors and their families to trustworthy financial professionals. We use scientific computer algorithms in order to match investors to their right financial advisor, based on their unique investing needs and personality.

We overlay personality based questions in order to create a more sustainable match between investors and financial professionals. Our research has shown that when investors connect on a personal level with their financial advisor then they are more likely to listen to their advice and seek more answers to various financial questions.



What We Do Differently


Unlike many other web-based advisor-finding solutions, that match investors and advisors based solely on zip codes or asset minimums, we understand the broad spectrum your needs and your personality and how this will impact your choice of advisors. That is why we created a set of over 40 individualized questions designed to find advisors who meet not only your specific financial needs but also your financial personality as well.

Our patent pending system creates unique investor and advisor profiles thus facilitating introductions that may result in more constructive and long standing partnerships. When the relationship of investor and advisor is created with these ideals in mind, we hope to promote a level of trust and confidence that will bring a meaningful difference to your successful financial planning.